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  • moissacFor over the past 4 Generations, the Cancel Family have proudly been growing their fruit bore from a passion attached to their land… The Moissagais Hills

    1900 – The Fruit Farm was pioneered by the grandparents of Jean Pierre Cancel on the hillsides of Moissac, with the main crop in Chasselas de Moissac.

    1950 – The company was taken over by René Cancel, during this time there was the modernization of the Chasselas of Moissac culture with implementation of long methods of storage.

    1970 – Resumption of operations by Jean Pierre Cancel, expansion and development of new range of fruit crops.

    1990 – Development of 3 production sites with a total of 55 hectares specialized in cherries, plums, and table grapes.

    2000 – The Signing of the first contract with a big large retailers

    2001 – Creation of the packaging and shipping company Cancel Fruit Distribution by Jean-Pierre Cancel. Integration of Alexander Cancel in the company dealing with the shipment then marketing.

    2003 – Enlargement of customers (central shopping for delicatessens) and the additional range of fruit with kiwi and early external purchases with nearby producers to offer a complete range

    2007 – Creation of SICA OP Quercy Lomagne and producer’s retention.

    2010 – Modernisation of packaging premises: investment in Automatic lines, packaging tray and cold rooms

    Today we have become a leader in the marketing of plums, moreover the national and regional leader in cherries.

    We are also known for our authenticity of our Chasselas Grape, whose production methods and selection have remained traditional.

    Finally, we offer a wide range of fruits developed with the same level of ambition to meet all the demands of our customers.

  • Through effective organization and a reliable network of producers, Cancel Production has mastered consumer loyalty over the long term.

  • Quercy, Occitan “Carcin” it spans from the plateaux of jurassic of limestone and valleys in the Lot (region of france), in the Northern half of Tarn-et-Garonne animated by Montauban and some districts of the Dordogne, Corrèze and Aveyron.

    Cancel Fruit is situated in Moissac, in the Quercy Blanc (or low Quercy), a large white limestone plateau situated in the south-west of Cahors to the Garonne Valley.

    Moissac is a Town famous for its rich soil, ideal for growing fruit, it is here one can find the Chasselas Grape Gold, which benefits from the AOC (registered designation of origin) since 1971.

    The city produces more than 4,000 tons per year, it is the largest French production area of Table Grapes.