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  • Environment 

    The daily demand on the environment Environmentally Phytosanitary interventions in rational control. Cardboard packaging 100% recyclable, and angle of pallets 100% recyclable. 


    A Team competent in all our service stations thanks to our group of employers allowing us to retain a skilled and trained workforce , we also have the proximity of local producers that we support sustainable (planting contract), all of this makes for a great network in our company.


    Whatever your needs (consumer units, packaging, high precision calibration, marking, quality selection). We offer a service adapted to your request.


    Cancel Fruits includes 200 producers who grow about 17 000 tonnes of fruit per year on 700 hectares. These orchards volume, protected from the weather (by hail nets) , allows us to ensure the production and honor our contracts in all circumstances.


    From the orchard to the basket, we provide full traceability through the implementation of strict procedures and rigorous documentation.


    Our deliveries in refrigerated trucks to respect the cold chain can meet the highest requirements for quality and hygiene.


    We perform variety tests in our orchards. In the packing station, we have equipment at the cutting edge of innovation such as  an infrared a  sugar measuring instrument placed on our grading machine for plums and kiwis. We have also implemented a refining chamber for its own products.

  • Started with a fruit farm , we first embarked on our quality approach Production with obtaining GLOBALGAP production repository in 2005. Building on this success , we increased our efforts on fruit station , where we finalized the HACCP plan. In addition, our wooden and cardboard packaging suppliers have the label ” eco packaging” . Our quality manager ensures the implementation and monitoring of our quality approach everyday.

    Certificates of food safety obtained

    GLOBAL G.A.P. ( production standards , safety,  health ,  environment) HACCP (sanitary, forward march of the product) EAN -UCC (traceability)

    Quality of the Products

    • Certification “PDO” for the Chasselas grape
    • Certification «Label Rouge ” for Reine Claude Plum
    • Certification “Bio” for fruit distribution.
    • Certification IFS