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    Cancel Fruits possesses  expertise  growers for over 4 generations. Our production is spread over three sites representing more than 55 hectares of orchards : 50% plums, grapes 40% and 10% of cherries.  On our production sites, we experience different varieties in order to always be at the forefront of varietal development and thus be able to be ahead of the trends and offer the best to our customers. Since 2007 we are part of PO Quercy Lomagne (a producer organization).


    A true network of fruit growers

    Land lovers and fruit producers  of  Cancel network put their expertise at the service of consumers’ taste buds. Our producers follow a strict specifications controlled by a technician from the PO.  A PO, what does this mean?         This is an organisation formed by the producers who organise the productions and define the operational programmes which consist in the group buying of plants, hail nets… etc.  It also makes the link between the producers and the markets to implement Business strategies to best manage the fluctuations in the production Thanks to our PO: we have reliable harvest forecasts , which enables us to anticipate and trigger promotions operations.

  • Our packing station is in the heart of our land. As soon as the fruit are  picked ,  they are  transported and placed under controlled temperature in our packing station , optimally organized to work to the best of our fruit and we offer you   a service adapted to all special requests.


    Our quality manager practice precise grading for each contribution : color , size sugar or measuring firmness. To proceed with these measures , we have measuring instruments such as a refractometer , or a penetrometera board caliber . So our items are checked , sorted and redirected according to your specifications .

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    Our packing house has a large storage capacity . We are equipped with the latest storage technologies,  for example by equipping our cold rooms in controlled atmosphere. Thus we can guarantee a conservation and optimal taste.


    The station is equipped with 3 calibration units (20 tons / hour ) and 4 lines of packaging and pre-packaging . Boxes, and trays ; wood, plastic or paperboard; we are able to meet all your needs.We can put adhesive stickers with company name and logo on all of the above packaging. we make the packaging of your choice to your image ( distributors trademark or “Cancel Fruits “). We can customize all packaging at the request of the customer, equally we can personalise your packaging with your company logo or motto etc, our marketing team  work closely  with the client to deal with all daily requests .

  • To best meet the demands of our customers in terms of quality and responsiveness,  we manage the flow of fruits of our producers network to our packing station and then to our customers and end consumers.Our fruits are stored in a refrigerated shipping hall and shipped in refigerated trucks, in the best conditions throughout France and in several European Countries such as ; Belgium, England, Switzerland, Germany and even in Asia, In high season, we are able to ship more than 350 pallets  per day.